British European is announcing the offering of custom electric drivetrain conversions


Sports car, classic or in reality any vehicle one has a passion for is a candidate to take the journey into electric power. Our intent is to provide conversions with the same attention to detail that our 40 years of award winning restorations and driveability enhancements have provided.

These builds will be minimally invasive and reversible in keeping with our belief  in storing the original equipment for resale value or potential concours level work at a later date.    
This is what our past drivetrain, steering and suspension conversions have emphasized as developed. 

The price point of equipment for a commuter oriented conversion is coming close to the rebuilding cost of the original drive train.

Initial patrons of a vehicle model will be discounted on our fabrication labor with the end result being cost at a level more comparable to the cost for repeating the package as a kit for self or shop install going forward.

We’ve looked forward to this time of general interest and acceptance.   Having gotten current on the innovation and offerings in the industry we are pleased to offer this service. We look forward to the shared insights, discoveries and creativity each build will bring.  Best, Robin